OUT of RED Records - my new born record label!

I'm very happy to present you my new label OUT of RED Records! go to OUT of RED Records!


OUT OF RED RECORDS is the new born independent label of Austrian singer and songwriter Katja Cruz. With all the recent developments in music business, and with all my experiences of producing music in cooperation with different international labels (UK, CH, I) I decided to create my own label now. 

The idea of this label is based on the democratic and feminist ideas of freedom, equality, humanity, and togetherness. I will go for equality in gender, origin, age, pay and family backgrounds. I welcome musicians of different genres, colors, and ages - what counts is well done music and your intention to go for a better world. 

My own LIBERTY_C. album is going to be released in April 2021 and functions as the flagship of my label. I will use all my experiences of production and online distributing for all further collaborations. The first single is online since September 30th, and got almost 8.000 streams on Spotify. The next one will be released on November 4th, and I’m working right now on the first live and music videos. 

OUT OF RED RECORDS is further thought to be a helpful network platform for musicians. You get support and contacts in all questions of producing, live and studio recordings, photo and video production, songwriting, arrangements, vocal coaching, and more. 

OUT OF RED RECORDS is also connected to the agency ROSSORI PROMOTION, Vienna, to help you get your music out there. 

For any questions, just ask! 
Sincerely, Katja Cruz

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