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New Liberty_C. single!

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Time to Grow - the new single is online!

I wrote a contemplative song for this very special time we live in, with awareness for this situation, and positive perception. We think we need this right now. 

Difficult times and outer restrictions require inner growth. Consciousness for our life-task. Memory for our soul’s wish. Out of this stance I wrote Time to Grow.

The recent possibilities also lead to a new way of production. I’m very happy about the new collaboration with Boris Schnelzer who did the arrangement for this song. Liberty_C. in new light… time to grow.” 


Listen to it on Spotify, itunes, amazon, deezer etc.: https://libertyc.hearnow.com/

Listen to it on Youtube: https://youtu.be/jalcGgMvELM


Liberty_C. / Katja Cruz: music, lyrics, vocals, piano 

Boris Schnelzer: bass, production, mixing 

Christof Hall: mastering 

Alba Maria Cruz: Coverfoto / Ina Rosa Cruz: Make-up 

© Out of Red Records 2021


Dear everybody, the FIRST SOLO LIVE VIDEO is online! 


I'M COMPLETE - the theme of the song is very special, of importance for all of us, and especially in these difficult times. So, go ahead, listen, and watch! 

So stay in touch! I'll keep you informed about all news!


I Win This Game - the new single is online! 

I WIN THIS GAME is a song against violence towards women. And it is a song to remind women of their inner invulnerability, dignity, and strength. Violent men are taken to court. Women win this case. Women got the power…

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