Liberty_C. is the current Soul project of Austrian born singer, songwriter, and pianist Katja Cruz. Her songs move between gentle sensuality and wild power. She speaks of the freedom and joy to be who we are, of inner wealth, strong will and feminine dignity.

“Beautiful Stranger” (release Jan 27th) is like a fragrance that you get in your nose and that you just have to follow. 

What draws us to another person? A special smell, the sparkle in a smile, or the sound of a voice? And what awaits us when we follow that smell? Love? Or friendship? Or just a good story?

The song opens with sexy bass and spoken intro. Sensual vocals and sax lines take you into a dreamy world. When everything stops and you only hear Katja's voices, you feel the hesitation. For a moment time stands still. But the sound is irresistible, and carried by a wonderful band you embark on a journey...

"I Got It All” (release Dec 8th) is a grooving song about the wealth within. Cruz speaks directly and intimate to us in the intro of the song and tells us about this amazing feeling when you become aware that you actually have everything within yourself. Who knows about inner richness and abundance is a happy person and goes her or his own way, authentic and upright, to fill out her or his form and purpose.

With her single "Honesty" (released Nov 25th) Cruz shows off her angry side. Recorded with her current 4-piece band, she brings out a highly energetic reckoning with liars, traitors, parasites, secretive people, and swindlers - in private life as well as in politics, economics, and media. Liberty_C. also speaks out what we need - people who are sincere and have the courage to stand up for themselves and others, who have visions and ideas that serve this world and us humans. "

"Queen Of My Life" (released May 2022) got great features and international air play in the UK, US, Australia, Germany, Spain, and Austria.

Also, the New York - Los Angeles based Label The House of Static created and released an EDM Remix of the song - "Queen of My Life (House of Static Mix)" (released Sept 30th).

As a live act Liberty_C. and her band perform on a very high level of hot energy, joy, smooth sensuality, and fiery wildness.




A Soulful Pop Masterpiece of Empowerment and Enchantment

Tunepical, Jan 21, 2023

"Where have all the soulful vibes in pop gone? Why is everyone slathering twinkly vibes on everything? Perhaps it’s because Austrian wonder woman Liberty_C. has stolen all the glorious soulful vibes in the world and has been slamming them together with a raw soulful energy to create genre-defying, melodically empowered bodies of work that have continued to win her the ears and hearts of music listeners around the globe!

Perhaps when you are done listening to the blissful and lively body of work, “I Got It All,” by one strikingly gifted vocalist, Liberty_C., it will appeal to you that your life can generally become a steady stream of beauty, which will have little to do with having a lot of money or wealth but more to do with finding fulfillment, even in the smallest of things!

With an intimate conversational intro, Liberty_C. sets the tone in the lively pop-flavored tune “I Got It All,”  delivered with raw pop energy to fashion minutes of vibrant, inviting, and infectious melodic sound.

Liberty_C. has got that particular voice that perfectly brings out the vibrant nuances and energetic features of this special masterpiece. On a track that is packed with variations even from the horn sections emanating from the saxophone that add to the sonic elegance and variety, Liberty_C. demonstrates her amazing standout gifts.

This is a bona fide masterpiece—the dance-inducing instrumentation is both impressive from a technical angle and conducive to getting the body moving in no time!

You’ve also got to appreciate the way Liberty_C. boldly, authentically, and passionately pours herself into this performance in a way that is bound to resonate with listeners from all walks of life..."



Liberty_C. and The House of Static – “Queen of My Life (House of Static Mix)”

Rattler Magazine, Jack Marin, November 14th, 2022

The EDM track „Queen of My Life (House of Static Mix)” is a collaboration of Austrian Soul-Pop singer and songwriter Katja Cruz aka Liberty_C. and the New York – Los Angeles based label The House of Static.

Liberty_C. released the original song “Queen of My Life” in spring 2022, a smooth and soulful ballad with sensual vocals and saxophone lines. [...]

With their remix, Bob Smith and Kilo House from The House of Static took this smoky night-time tune to a different level. Liberty_C.’s empowering message now comes along with a happy dance mood. At one point they open up the full choir that Katja recorded (that you almost don’t hear in the original) and create a new soundscape. Very skillful they cross genres and make the remix an artwork on its own.

It thrills."