1. Run to You

From the recording Free to Be Me

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Run To You
Liberty_C. / Katja Cruz 2020

Can it be that I miss you already?
We just said good bye, and I’m getting ready
To see you again,
Where you’ll be holding my hands.

I’m so drawn to you, yes, it’s so strong,
That every day without you seems to be wrong,
And I’m not used to this,
But I’m longing for your kiss.

And I will run to you,
And I will fly to you,
Just to be with you,
‘cause darling, I love you.

Every time you go away, I just want you to stay,
With every kiss I know what I’m gonna miss,
It’s your sweet love for me,
You are my honey, and I am your my bee.

And I will run to you…

Ooooh, I love you so…

And I will run to you….

Oh, darling, I love you…
Just wanna be with you.