1. Free to Be Me

From the recording Free to Be Me

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Free to be me
Liberty_C. / Katja Cruz 2021

See, this is me!
See, this is me!
I’ve come a long, long way,
Now I’m here to stay.
And I’m free to be me,
Free to be me!
And I love to be
The many sides of me!

I love to laugh, to dance, to smile, and to fly,
I got power, got my rhythm, and making love makes me high,
Yes, I know, I’m naturally hot,
Like to move on, like to twinkle, to shine in the right spot.

I’m tender, I’m cool, like to live by my own rule,
I’m sweet, and I’m strong, draw my sword when something’s wrong,
And all I am, all I can,
all I live for, all I do, all this is for you.

See, this is me! …

Love my kids, want to see them being kings, being queens,
Of their life, and their dreams, being happy by all means,
Love to see them making plans, holding their future in their hands,
It’s my delight to see them rise, they are jewels, they are wise,

Love my man, love his talk, his cleverness, his skills,
Love his warmth, his tenderness, desire, and his thrills,
Love our laughter, our sweet pleasures, his humor, he’s a treasure,
Love his playfulness and lust, he’s a man to trust.

See, this is me! …

I am love, and the lover, the child, and the mother,
I’m passion, and devotion, and the power of emotion.
I am tune, I am sound, head in the stars, feet on the ground.
I’m more than you can see. I am Liberty_C.

See, this is me! …