From the recording Time to Grow

"I'm Complete" is a song about inner and outer completeness, about the joy of being on one's own, the joy to follow our visions, and to do what we want to do. "I'm Complete, can't you hear my heart beat? I'm fulfilled, excited and thrilled. Here I go, and I let you I got everything I need 'cause I am complete..."
This song was solo performed by Liberty_C. at Orpheum Graz in September 2020.


I’m Complete
Katja Cruz, 2018

I’m complete,
can’t you hear my heart beat,
I’m fulfilled,
excited, and thrilled.
Here I go,
and I let you know
I fot everything I need
‚cause I am complete.

I got head, sense, and brain,
emotions and veins,
I got hands, legs, and feet,
so I am complete.
I got my own life to live,
lots of love to give,
I got my own thoughts,
my own way,
my own ground to stay.

I’m complete...

I got my own time to talk,
my own time to walk,
I got ideas and dreams,
I got power by all means.
I feel good when I’m alone,
I got my own throne,
I make my own decisions,
I follow my visions.

I’m complete...

And complete as I am,
I don’t give a damn,
about what people say,
I just follow my way.

I’m complete...