"Queen of My Life - House of Static Mix"

Give it a listening!

So here ist the EDM version of "QUEEN OF MY LIFE - THE HOUSE OF STATIC MIX"! 

What I love about the REMIX is that the basically empowering message of the song now comes along with this HAPPY DANCE MOOD – really, that’s great! Also, at some point you can hear the whole choir I recorded (that you never hear consciously in the original) – love it. Just give it a listening! 

So many thanks to Bob Smith, The Static Dive, and Kilo House! 

My original song is a smooth ballad reminding you that you are the “Queen of Your Life”, even when your kingdom may be small, or you sometimes may struggle on your way. 

With their excellent remix they brought seemingly completely different genres together and made it a new artwork. 

The song was released on their New York-Californian label The House of Static. 

"... it’s the flame of my heart that makes me shine."

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