"Soulful and sensual..." 

Wonderland Magazine, UK 



Liberty_C. is the current Soul project of Austrian born singer, songwriter, and pianist Katja Cruz. Her songs move between gentle sensuality and wild power. She speaks of the freedom and joy to be who we are, of inner wealth, strong will and feminine dignity.

Her recently released new Soul-Pop single ‘Queen Of My Life’ got great features and international air play in the UK, US, Australia, Germany, Spain, and Austria. The song features Katja’s smooth unique vocals intertwined with incredible saxophone, reflecting tenderness, self-love and empowerment.

As a live act Liberty_C. and her band perform on a very high level of hot energy, joy, and wildness.

A live video from Liberty_C.'s concert at Orpheum Graz will soon be out.

Best Vocal Release 2012 & 2014 

The New York City Jazz Record

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"It's beautiful..."

The Static Dive, NY

Latest News

Live Video out now!

watch it here!

Woohoo! The LIVE VIDEO from our concert at Orpheum Graz is out. now! This is so exciting!  

We made a short summary of the different moods of my music, and I really wanted to feature the great…

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Place 1 of the Top 10!

Cool! "Queen of My Life" was on place 1 of the Top 10 of the Indie Radio Alliance Spain!

Many thanks to This is Only Rock Radio and all listeners!

Love it! Even more radio stations!

My newest single "Queen of My Life" is now on even more radio stations!

Banks Radio (Australia), Only Rock Radio, Good Music Radio, Catorweb Radio, Zeno FM, Fun Rock Radio, Hermitage FM (all UK).


My youngest daughter Ina Rosa Cruz will be joining us on two songs at our concert at Orpheum!