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Love it! Even more radio stations!

My newest single "Queen of My Life" is now on even more radio stations!

Banks Radio (Australia), Only Rock Radio, Good Music Radio, Catorweb Radio, Zeno FM, Fun Rock Radio, Hermitage FM (all UK).


My youngest daughter Ina Rosa Cruz will be joining us on two songs at our concert at Orpheum!



I feel so grateful. 

My upcoming single "Queen of My Life" is already played on all these radio stations. 

I thank everybody from the bottom of my heart who helps spreading my music and the love over the globe. 


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Liberty_C. on Broadwayworld Music

"... Being a single mum and freelance musician the themes of empowerment stem from Katja proving to her two young daughters that anything is possible, and "no matter what your gender is, follow your dreams and don't let anyone tell…

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"Bühne frei" für Liberty_C.

"Bühne frei" galt es am Montag in Radio OS 104,8 für Liberty_C. Wiederholt wird die Sendung am 16.5. ab 13 Uhr auf Radio Weser Bremerhaven (Deutschland).