"Beautiful Stranger" on Indie Music Spot

"...Musically, Liberty_C. takes you on a little adventure, opened with sexy bass lines and spoken intro. Katja’s singing is sensual, and lyrical saxophone lines lead you into a dreamy world. There, where all the instruments stop and you only hear…

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Thanks to Tunepical for this amazing review!

Where have all the soulful vibes in pop gone? Why is everyone slathering twinkly vibes on everything? Perhaps it’s because Austrian wonder woman Liberty_C. has stolen all the glorious soulful vibes in the world and has been slamming them together…

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Liberty_C. Offers Jazz & Self Love For The Holidays

"Katja opens the track with an intimate and conversational introduction. A melodic piano riff sets the scene. Soon an ensemble of bass, drums and saxophone enters the mix. They ride a fun, loose and improvisational pop/jazz groove as the singer…

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Live Interview on ORF Radio Stmk

Monday, Dec 19th Liberty_C. was invited to this live radio show to present her singles "Honesty" and "I Got It All".